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The B app provides instant knowledge of honey production, precise hive inventory and their exact locations. You can also créate, delegate and monitor tasks with your finger tip. There is more, Let us help you gain time!

The B app for commercial BeeKeeping

With more than a few hundred colonies, it can be quite hard to control the where about of all your colonies; much less the age and precise output of your queen bees. You are probably handling everything just fine but the old fashion way with paper and pencil or through excel spreadsheet. However, you know that this is time consuming. It sometimes is even hard to try to pin point the data to make important decisions. Well we got a solution thinking on your needs. The B app is an app developed by someone that understands your needs. The app allows you to automatize your colonies data and your queen bee info systems. You will be able to create a geofence around your colonies and through a simple to use dashboard you will know the exact location and age of your queen bees. With task automation, the B app will inform on you or your help on the daily tasks. Life is a lot easier with The B app! Learn more

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This phone app instantly allows field beekeepers to receive installation, feed, inspection, splits or change orders from their supervisor. The work tool also provides relevant data to supervisors of daily accomplishments by field beekeepers.



Created to be a logistical an informational hub, this phone app receives, organizes, and delegates activities or tasks to field beekeepers. The supervisor app efficiently monitors, keeps records, and provides important data so supervisors can make faster and better informed decisions.


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